Windows 11. Supports Android Apps and with a new Design

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3 min readJun 25, 2021


Yesterday Microsoft has announced Windows 11. There were only fewer features that got my attention and a worthy of an upgrade in that event.

Here are the features

Startup Sound.

In Windows 11 there was a new startup sound.

New taskbar

From Windows XP the taskbar was left as default. But in Windows 11 the taskbar shifts to Middle.

New Windows Start Menu.

In Windows 11 the start menu changed completely. Now there were no tiles that I didn’t use regularly. It will show Pinned apps and the latest recommendations.

New Icon Design

This new update adds icon designs. The transmitting of the icons when open and close are very good and feel good.

Default Teams Apps

In this 2020 teams become popular and many companies and Schools are using Teams as an online platform. Now Microsoft is making Teams a default Online Video Chatting app.


Windows is good for multi-tasking but now with Windows 11, it got much better. Now you can customize the windows in different sizes to suit your work.


The Widgets are new to Windows. When you swipe from the left you can access the Widgets. You can see Weather and Newsfeed. As of now, you can’t add widgets on your home screen.

Android Apps

This was the most exciting feature in Windows 11. Now you can download Android Apps in your Windows Store. As of now, there are only some apps like Tik Tok and some others.

These apps are downloading from the Amazon App store. When you want to download Android App on Windows you need to sign in for Amazon also.

My Thoughts.

Most of the features in Windows 11 were seen in Mac OS. In Mac OS Big Sur we can see New icons, Android Apps, Widgets, and FaceTime.

Windows: Apple, May I copy your homework

Apple: Sure. But change some of the work.

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