Samsung Watch OS. Great updates with Great Ecosystem

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2 min readJun 30, 2021


Yesterday at Samsung MWC it announced its new Samsung Watch OS. Previously It has Partnered with Google to bring a better experience for SmartWatch. In that Samsung Watch OS, There were 4 main changes.

All new Google Apps

In the S21 series, we can see google messages as default messages. Now in Watch OS, there were all-new google apps as default apps like YouTube Music, Google Messages, Google Maps.

Download Apps

When you download an app on your Samsung Phone which is capable of you Watch it will automatically download on your Watch Also. Apps like Spotify, My Fitness Pal, Calm and more.

Settings Sync

If you change any Clock settings in your Samsung phone it will automatically sync to your watch. Similarly, if you block numbers on your watch it will also block on your Watch.

Watch Faces

developers that will allow them to create unique watch faces for the Galaxy Watch models. This will let them add various complications to create feature-packed watch faces for Galaxy Watch users. It will be available for the developers later this year.
Samsung has confirmed that its upcoming Galaxy Watch 4 series will be the first smartwatches to run the upcoming firmware out-of-the-box. It will reportedly launch sometime “this summer”


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