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Brave is an Online Browsing App. Where you can use popular searches like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Others. Why Brave because it was fast and secure. It will load websites faster and It will block private cookies to accept. Now Brave introduced its own search engine opposite google.

There are more than a 50million users for Brave.


For every app there should be a good interface, Brave also has a good and minimal Interface. Similar to the chrome it also has grouping Tabs.

In-Home Page you can how much data is used, Privacy States, and more. As this was a free app there will be a sponsored images. You can disable this if you don’t want to see them.

(4.5 stars)

Unique features

Brave Rewards

Brave shows you the ads based on your interest but they don’t collect your data. They reward as BAT.


You can contribute to the Brave Verified publishers and content creators. The reward you earned from the Brave Rewards.

Closing all tabs

If you open a bunch of tabs and want to remove all tabs and need a fresh tab. Select this option. It will close all tabs while you close this app.

Night Mode

This will show all the pages in Dark Mode. I particularly don’t like this because we optimize our site for light mode. So when I enable this all the highlights are not showing effectiveness.

(4 Star)


This was a new search engine the browser is getting fast and secure. Google has already set a good benchmark in search engines so the search is very accurate but this is not the case of brave as was new but we can expect more in the upcoming days if we use more people.

(4 star)


If you use browsing more on Desktop, Pc then you know how important extensions are. In Brave Browser Beta there were some popular extensions only. Like Grammarly, pocket, and some more

I use clipt on chrome but this was not available in Brave.

(4 star)


If you are a first-time user of brave you can directly import your bookmarks and extensions from your default browser Chrome and Edge…

(4 starts)


As Brave is more concern about privacy with Brave Search

you will get double privacy.


Brave browser beta is available for all devices Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. In case you don’t want to change your browsing have from Chrome to prove you can directly use brave browser beat on Chrome.

(How to use brave on chrome) (

(5 stars)


This is the most important when coming to browsing. We cannot copy text from one desktop to mobile also this is bad and sad. What we can expect sync in the coming days.

You can sync Addresses, Bookmarks, History, Open Tabs, Passwords, Settings.

(4 stars)

Final thoughts & did I recommend.

As the brave browser is new it is in beta we can expect more in the upcoming days as a promise they said that the brave browser will be good in upcoming days within one year.

So I say mention about so these are the futures and these are the things that I like in Brave according to that you can choose it. I strongly recommend if you want more privacy then you go for Brave.

If you are using only one device and you no need to sync multiple devices, we can also use Brave.

(4 stars)

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